Video Resources

The following section includes video resources focused on the trans* community:

  • I AM: Trans People Speak. From the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. Video stories available at:
  • "I AM: Trans People Speak is a project to raise awareness about the diversity that exists within transgender communities. It gives a voice to transgender individuals, as well as their families, friends, and allies." (

  • Saving Our Lives: Preventing Suicide in Transgender Communities. [Video with English Captions] [Video with Spanish Captions] From Massachusetts Transgender Suicide Prevention Working Group. Retrieved from:
  • Available online with Spanish and English captions. The video and related discussion guide is now listed on Section III of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s Best Practices Registry:

    "Saving Our Lives: Preventing Suicide in Transgender Communities Video and Discussion Guide provides simple but important recommendations for recognizing and intervening with members of the transgender community who may be at risk for suicide. As such, it is appropriate for both caregivers and the general public. The video guide provides background on transgender suicide, definitions of transgender-related terms, and recommendations for addressing those who are transgender. It also lists six discussion questions that can help facilitate discussion of the important topics found in the video. The 10-minute video includes practical examples of how to recognize possible warning signs of suicide, how to ask directly about suicide, and how to help those who may be at risk for suicide." (

  • Transgender Basics. From Gender Identity Project of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. Available at: and
  • "Transgender Basics" is a 20 minute educational film on the concepts of gender and transgender people. Two providers from the Gender Identity Project discuss basic concepts of gender- sex, identity and gender roles – as three transgender community members share their personal experiences of being trans and genderqueer.

    "While the film addresses service providers and others working with the LGBT community, it also provides a fascinating glimpse into gender and identity for the general public." (

  • Voices of Transgender Adolescents in Healthcare. . University of Michigan Adolescent Health Initiative. Video Link:

    "Voices of Transgender Adolescents in Healthcare" offers perspectives from transgender and gender non-conforming youth about their experiences and what they want from the healthcare system. This video was developed by the Adolescent Health Initiative (AHI) at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) as a companion to a professional development training for healthcare providers and staff called "Patient-Centered Care for Transgender Adolescents". AHI supports and trains healthcare professionals who work with teens to optimize their care, using a youth-friendly, adolescent-centered care model. Please contact AHI if you’d like more information:

  • How to be a Trans Ally: The Video. Presented by Gender Justice LA. Written and performed by GJLA member Evolve Benton. Video Link: