Are you interested in joining HIV-related research studies that are focused on youth?

What is the ATN?

The Adolescent Trials Network (ATN) for HIV/AIDS Interventions is a research network designed for adolescents and youth between 12 and 24 years of age. The ATN's primary purpose is to get adolescents included in HIV-related research studies. Each of the ATN sites is made up of adolescent HIV experts already providing care for many young people with and without HIV.

What kind of research studies?

The ATN conducts research studies in the community looking at how best to prevent HIV infections as well as research studies looking at how to keep HIV positive youth healthy. So both HIV positive and HIV negative volunteers are needed.


Studies have shown that at least one-half of all new HIV infections each year are happening to youth under 25. We need to figure out ways to work with young people to help youth protect themselves. Other studies have shown that HIV positive adolescents and youth may get more benefit from treatment than older people, but which drugs to use and how to use them in teens is not clear. And finally, when the time comes to test a HIV vaccine to prevent AIDS, youth have the right to be part of that study if they choose.

The ATN started in Spring 2001. There are 14 Adolescent Medicine Trials Units where interested youth may join the ATN.

For more information about this new program, or to access HIV care or HIV research, contact one of the following ATN sites.



Montefiore Medical Center - Bronx, NY

Donna Futterman Elizabeth Bruce
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
718-882-0322 ext 221 718-882-0023 ext 211
Maria Campos  
Study Coordinator  
718-882-0322 ext 221  

The Fenway Institute

Ken Mayer Marcy Gelman
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
617-927-6400 617-927-6021
Amy Pechukas  
Study Coordinator  


Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA

Steven Douglas Mary Tanney
Principal Investigator Co-Investigator/Study Coordinator
215-590-3561 215-590-4954
Adrienne DiBenedetto  
Study Coordinator  

Johns Hopkins University

Jon Ellen Jenny Chang
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
410-550-4115 443-287-8888
410-328-6465 410-706-0131

Children's National Medical Center - Washington, DC

Lawrence Angelo Connie Trexler
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
202-476-3068 202-476-3714
Rita Hagler Amy Klamberg
Study Coordinator Associate Study Coordinator
202-476-5856 202-476-3714


Cook County Hospital - Chicago, IL

Jaime Martinez Lisa Henry-Reid
Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator
312-633-3202 312-864-3582
Kelly Bojan Rachel Jackson
Study Coordinator Study Coordinator
312-572-4571 312-572-4554

Wayne State University

Elizabeth Secord Monique Green-Jones
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
313-745-4450 313-966-9763
Charnell Cromer  
Study Coordinator  


Children's Hospital of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA

Marvin Belzer Diane Tucker
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
323-361-2390 323-361-3914
Julie McAvoy-Banerjea
Study Coordinator  

University of Colorado Denver

Betsy McFarland Daniel Reirden
Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator
303-724-3447 720-777-4971
Amy Witte Emily Barr  
Study Coordinator Study Coordinator  
720-777-4495 720-777-6752  


St. Jude's Research Hospital - Memphis, TN

Aditya Gaur Patricia Flynn
Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator
901-495-2338 901-595-2338
Mary Dillard Carla McKinley
Study Coordinator Study Coordinator
901-495-2338 901-595-5873

Tulane Medical Center - New Orleans, LA

Sue Ellen Abdalian Leslie Kozina
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
504-586-3881 504-988-6804
Alyne Baker  
Study Coordinator  

University of South Florida - Tampa, FL

Patricia Emmanuel Amayvis Rebolledo
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
813-259-8800 813-410-4105
Josefina Rivera  
Study Coordinator  

University of Miami - Miami, FL

Lawrence Friedman Hanna Major-Wilson
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
305-243-5880 305-243-3442
Donna Maturo  
Study Coordinator  

Baylor College of Medicine

Mary Paul Norma Cooper
Principal Investigator Study Coordinator
832-824-1319 832-824-1319
Nancy Calles  
Study Coordinator  
832-822-1038 (receptionist)