Publications from Organizations and Institutes

The following section consists of publications from organizations and institutes. The resources have been categorized under the following headings: Definitions/Terminology, Introductory Materials, Training Materials, Being Trans*-Inclusive in Research, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Social Service Guidelines, Issues Affecting Trans* Youth, and Resources for Trans* Patients.

Introductory Materials
Training Materials
Being Trans*-Inclusive in Research
  • Gender-Related Measures Overview. [PDF] University of California Los Angeles School of Law. GenIUSS Group, The Williams Institute. (3). Retrieved from:
  • Recommendations for Inclusive Data Collection of Trans People in HIV Prevention, Care & Service. [PDF] Sausa, L. A., Sevelius, J., Keatley, J., Iniguez, J. R., & Reyes, M. (9). San Francisco, CA: Center for Excellence for Transgender HIV Prevention: University of California, San Francisco. Retrieved from:
  • Summary Report – Rectal Microbicides for HIV Prevention: A Transgender Update and Consultation. [PDF] Microbicide Trials Network. (May 19, 3). Meeting notes, San Francisco, CA.
Clinical Practice Guidelines
Social Service Guidelines
  • Working with Transgender Youth in Foster Care and Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs. [PDF] Child Welfare Information Gateway. (May 1). Bibliography. Retrieved from:
Issues Affecting Trans* Youth
Resources for Trans* Patients